Danger Close

DANGER CLOSE follows freelance female war reporter Alex Quade and her mission to tell “soldiers' stories” during a series of unprecedented embeds with both Conventional Forces and US Special Operations Forces (SOF) at the height of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Alex is bound and determined to compete the mission, even when on one airborne assault and ensuing rescue attempt, she nearly loses her life trying to tell the stories of these Heroes. During one highly-classified combat mission in Iraq, she would embed with a Green Beret A Team that had just lost their Combat Engineer, Green Beret SSG Rob Perelli. When an injured Alex ends up back in the States to rehab and prepare to redeploy, little does she know just how pivotal her redeployment would become. Through a series of compelling events and a fated meeting with Rob Pirelli’s family, her return to Iraq turns into the mission of a lifetime.