Spike Playing In New Genre With ‘That Awkward Game Show’

Spike Spike Playing In New Genre With ‘That Awkward Game Show’

What secrets lie in the hearts of parents and their children? Spike knows — and it’s about to share them. As Deadline tipped in May, the Viacom-owned network has made an 11-episode series order for That Awkward Game Show. Hosted by comic and TV personality Jeff Dye (MTV’s Money From Strangers), it pits parental units against their kids for a cash prize.

Here’s how Spike describes the awkward family game show from A. Smith & Co. Productions, which will debut in the fall: “As if having ‘the talk’ with your children wasn’t bad enough, imagine having to explain to your kid the details of the night they were conceived, or revealing to your parent that you secretly married the boyfriend they’ve never approved of. All of the skeletons are about to come out of the closet on That Awkward Game Show.”

Each episode will feature three teams of two — each composed of one parent and one adult child — trying to figure out which embarrassing factoid is related to their teammate. Contestants will have to identify uncomfortable, often outrageous, previously unknown truths about their loved ones to advance throughout the game.

Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Christmas Rini and Peter Herschko are the executive producers.