‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Executive Producers Remember the Craziest Moments

Hell’s Kitchen Executive Producers Arthur Smith and Kent Weed look back on their favorite moments from past seasons

Part of the fun of working on “Hell’s Kitchen” is some of the bizarre things that we have witnessed over the years. It is impossible to have a definitive list because the show has been action-packed since season 1 — but after much discussion, here are a few select moments that stand above the rest:

It’s relatively normal for chefs in “Hell’s Kitchen” to bungle a dish and start fresh. In season 3, one of the competing chefs, Jen, threw out a pasta dish that wasn’t right, which nobody really thought much of. However, later in the service, Jen realized she was short on her order, and gets caught in the act of pulling the pasta she trashed earlier out of the garbage bin.

In season 4, Gordon Ramsay — disguised with makeup and prosthetics — rode the bus with the contestants, without any of them realizing who this chef with long hair and glasses really was. The contestants finally discovered the ruse after arriving at Hell’s Kitchen, after each of them took turns doing impressions of Ramsay. The reaction of the chefs once Ramsay revealed himself — absolute madness and panic!

No chef came closer to fighting it out with Ramsay than season 6’s Joseph, who told Ramsay “he ain’t no bitch” and asked Ramsay to step outside. Production was definitely on edge as Ramsay and Joseph stood there, face to face, ready to go blow-for-blow. It was very intense, and when the dust settled, Joseph was dismissed.

We’ve seen some amazing stuff over the years, but one particular feat of courage always stands out. In season 6, a chef named Dave broke his wrist. Despite the pain, he wouldn’t quit. In spite of being a huge underdog and wearing a cast that made it difficult to cook, he won “Hell’s Kitchen.”

In the opening episode of season 11, the chefs were sent to Las Vegas for a bus and tram tour of the city. However, their tram drove right onto the stage of a Vegas theater packed with 3,000 fans, where Ramsay announced that for the first time, a signature dish will be done in front of a live audience. The expressions on the contestants’ faces were priceless.