‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Executive Producer Teases a ‘Loud’ and ‘Super Intense’ Season 22

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Executive Producer Teases a ‘Loud’ and ‘Super Intense’ Season 22 Gordon Ramsay stars in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 22. (Courtesy of Fox)

Hell's Kitchen has been a staple of reality television and a lodestar for cooking competition shows since its inception in 2005. Fast forward nearly two decades, and fans are still hooked on Gordon Ramsay's signature small screen challenge, which heads into Season 22 with a twist: This season, it'll be all about the American Dream.

Ahead of the season's Sept. 28 premiere, which will feature celebrity guests and, of course, some very intense competition right from the start, The Messenger spoke with the show's executive producer Arthur Smith.

On coming up with the concept of 'The American Dream' as a theme for 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 22…

Arthur Smith: We were thinking about how food has evolved in America… When we first started doing the show, food was at a much different place in America, and it's amazing what's happened. We've become a nation of foodies. And quite frankly, when we launched Hell's Kitchen, that first year there hadn't been a successful food show on network television. So it was a gamble. And the show sat on the shelf for six months, but over time, what's happened is, it's gotten to the point where Hell's Kitchen, in the culinary world, kind of represents the American dream in a way because winning it certainly changes the trajectory of your career. 

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