An Exclusive Look at the Crazy-Fit Competitors on The Titan Games, The Rock’s New Fitness Show

The Titan Games Photo by: NBC

Once upon a time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a sort-of normal person. His new athletic competition show, The Titan Gamespremiering on NBC January 3 at 8 p.m. ET—reflects how he moved way, way up in the world while bulking up beyond most people’s dreams.

“I think part of his motivation for doing the show is him thinking back on his life and how fortunate he's been,” says Arthur Smith, an executive producer for Titan Games. “He wants to give back. So much of this show comes from his heart because of what he went through. It’s very consistent with what he does on social media—motivating people to be the hardest worker in the room. So many of these people are his followers he inspired.”

In addition to Johnson's role as a quasi-host/commissioner of the series (he was on set every day, and will be in all the episodes), the action star serves as an executive producer. The elaborate challenges are based on his own workouts and physical achievements, according to Smith. Contestants will face off against each other, ending on a mountain-like structure naturally called Mount Olympus—which Smith refers to it as “hell”—vying to become Titans. The series will crown one male and one female champion at the end of the season.

Titan Games was ultimately looking for incredible overall athletes—especially folks with tons of strength. "We really wanted everyday people,” Smith adds of the most vital requirements. “This is a platform for everyday people to become heroes. This is their payoff, their chance to show themselves.” Contestants range from a former trauma ER nurse and a 50-year-old grandmother who doesn't skip the gym, to the less surprising personal trainers and MMA fighters. About 100 people out of thousands of hopefuls went through a sports combine as a tryout, and then got whittled down to 64 in the cast.

NBC provided Men’s Health with official bios for all the competitors on The Titan Games, below. Get ready for epic-ness combined with just the right amount of humanity.